Zen Specialty Package

Zen Specialty Package


What we mean by Zen, is cool, calm, and collected. This mood is reflected by our choice of meditative accessories. This package is perfect for yogis, for weddings at sophisticated, downtown hotels, or for anyone looking for a sleek vibe.

This package is for five 60" - 72" round tables (or four 10' farm tables) accommodating approximately 50 guests. Order multiple packages for larger numbers - we'll repeat the tablescapes but not the "other" items. Duplicate packages are less expensive than the first. You can call us for details.

Each table includes:

     - 3 pear-shaped, mercury glass vases with cobalt accents (15 total)

     - 2 rustic wooden block risers or varing heights to stagger the vases (10 total)

     - 4 thick clear glass votives (20 total)

     - 4 round, black slate votive chargers (20 total)

     - 4 unscented white candles to go into the votives (20 total)

     - 1 bag of river rocks

     - 1 antique picture frame to hold table numbers (5 total)*

Other included items:

     - 15 hanging terrariums

     - 1 gift box

     - 1 set of Bride & Groom metal signs to hang on chairs (can be modified for Bride & Bride, or Groom & Groom)

     - 2 vintage bottles for flowers in restrooms

     - 2 clear glass votives for restrooms

     - 2 scented candles to go into the votives in restrooms

*If you order more than one package, we will adjust the numbers and price accordingly.

Please contact us directly to order this item. Please do not place it into the cart.

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