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rentable wedding decor

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Straw baskets add a pastoral feel. Totally versatile, baskets can hold any objects to fit the theme of your wedding or event. Our baskets are vintage and authentic. From large flower arrangements to creative fruit and vegetable displays, baskets are an easy way to dress up or dress down the feel of your wedding, shower, or rehearsal dinner.

We also have wire baskets. These can be filled with flowers, greenery, or vegetables for a farm-fresh display. Load them with flip flops for guests who forget their dancing shoes.

Vintage Bottles

Antique glass bottles make the perfect vase for fresh flowers creating a kaleidoscope of colors. Add bare branches or dried grasses for a clean Zen look. For a brewery feel, place the bottles in colorful beer cartons. Bottles make statements in restrooms, on welcome and dessert tables, or anywhere you want to add color and that vintage feel. Most of our bottles have small openings, requiring fewer flowers and less expense but still yielding a substantial impact.


Candlesticks add elegance and shine to any table in any setting. Choose from our selection of brass and wooden candlesticks.


Our chalkboards come in all sizes and styles. We even have a vintage cart with a chalkboard! Place them strategically to announce your menu, provide a romantic quote or use as a directional or a thank you.


Wooden chargers bring an earthy elegance to your tables. Use as place settings under beautiful china, cake stands, or for displays at the bar, buffet, or dessert tables.

We also have a variety of votive chargers that elevate the votive and add depth to the tablescape. These include small wooden votive chargers, vintage mason jar lid chargers, and black slate chargers.

Crates and Boxes

Old crates add a rural ambiance. Vintage orchard and packing crates call up visions of retro pickup trucks, cider presses, and scents of cinnamon and honeysuckle on warm summer days. 

Our smaller rectangular and square reclaimed wooden boxes make attractive centerpieces when filled with fresh flowers, moss, grass, candles or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Flags and Ribbon

Nothing says romance like the fluttering of tissue or ribbons in the breeze. Wedding flags and ribbons add a touch of whimsy and color and are the ultimate prop to make your day even more special.


Our frames come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From gilded to wooden and brass, small or large, frames are a perfect way to number tables, say thank you or offer a special quote or message.


Games are a wonderful way to add fun and whimsy to your wedding. Games occupy the children during cocktail hour and provide an activity when your guests are too pooped to dance.

Our corn hole boards and croquet sets are awesome but for delivery only.


Lanterns, fire pits, hanging votives and terrariums all fall under illuminations. Light up the night (or the room) with romantic, twinkling candlelight. Our funky, industrial fire pit is a cool way to roast marshmallows or create a gathering spot.


Our hanging orbs and lanterns are just plain cool. Hang them from the wedding arbor, from tree branches or from rafters in the barn. Rent one of our vintage ladders and hang our glass terrariums filled with flowers, succulents and candles over the bridal table.

Place Card Holders

Our vintage place card rack is cool and is perfect on the welcome table combined with wooden crates or straw baskets

Large Items for Delivery

Our larger and more unusual items are for delivery only. These items range from candelabras, vintage benches, barn doors, old windows, and large baskets to cornhole boards, music stands, and more. 

Our Cervecita is a super cool beer bar with two taps for the beer of your choice. It can hold two kegs at once. Pair with mason jars, crates, and cool vases or vintage bottles and you have a conversation piece around which to build an entire wedding, shower, or rehearsal dinner theme.

Letters and Signs

Our letters and signs offer cool ways to personalize any space. They also are a great way to direct your guests to the ceremony, bar, reception and restrooms. Hang them on trees, nail them to a barn door, or post them by the restrooms on a vintage pitchfork, these signs give a whole new meaning to the word "Welcome." 

We offer a variety of signs and sayings in both Spanish and English. Additionally our painted wooden letters and numbers can personalize your wedding by showcasing the initials of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Specialty Packages

We have created "Specialty Packages" to make it easy for you to create your personal vision. These packages work in a variety of settings. Packages take the hassle and frustration out of having to think through all the details that go into creating the look you want. We've done this for you with our total-concept specialty packages.


Planters are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and fragrance to your wedding. Fill them with potted flowers, herbs or greenery from a nursery or farm and which the venue come alive.

Rusted Buckets

We love old buckets. Their rustic patina lends a heart-warming, authentic charm. In the right setting, they can look rustic, industrial, or romantic. Our buckets have been collected from around the country to bring you an eclectic mix of shapes and sizes. If you plan to use the buckets for flowers, we recommend plastic or glass liners.

Mason Jars

Mason jars offer unlimited versatility. Use them as glassware for beer, water, or wine glasses. Or use them for vases or terrariums. Filled with fresh vegetables and herbs, they create a farm-to-table look. They are also perfect for collectibles such as corks, river rocks, or edibles like delicious foil-wrapped chocolates, jelly beans, or any number of fabulous delicacies.


Whether you place the votives on a table or hang them from a tree, we think votives add a special touch of romance, grace, and luminosity. Due to the fragility of our votives, we ask that you purchase our candles to ensure their protection.

Hand Woven Textiles

Coming Soon! Our fabrics come from as far away as Guatemala and Kenya. These cloths will brighten up any table. If you are looking for international feel, look no further. These are irregular sizes and can work on farm tables and other square or rectangular tables.

Twisted Twigs

Our collection of twiggery is growing. Keep coming back to see what’s new.

Wire Works

We call our collection of wire goods "wire works." These include both round baskets and rectangular baskets with hooks to hang on old doors or walls. We also have hanging wire baskets with rusted chains as well as intricately patterned rectangular wire boxes for flowers and herbs. Our collection also includes wire stands and tables.