The story

Field & Gown was born in early 2017 on our family’s farm in Madison, Virginia. Since then, we’ve curated a one-stop-shop of vibe-creating elements for home and office decor, weddings, and special events of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to make styling both easy and affordable, while staying true to our passion: creating a space where decor elements are cherished, rescuing and re-purposing items destined for the landfill, and investing in unique and responsibly-crafted products to build a very special and useful collection. 

Field & Gown boasts a unique collection of decor, promoting sustainability for all your styling needs.

THE Philosophy

Field & Gown is our commitment to business as a force for good, to using our purchasing power to support our values. We want to make it easy for you to do the same. 


We honor our environmental commitment by sourcing our inventory from all kinds of interesting places: flea markets, antique stores, old barns slated for demolition, the curb on trash day, etc. Nearly all of our inventory has been purchased secondhand and re-purposed, extending each item’s life cycle and diverting it from the landfill. A minority of our inventory is purchased new from other small businesses that support ethical supply chains and responsible consumption.

While we try to stay away from items that are mass-produced and/or made of plastic, we do sometimes find these sorts of items in our hands. This most often happens when our clients’ gift us unloved decor sourced from other places post-event or past lives.  We try to commit to taking only what has real value to us and our clients.


Our unusual and creative “eye” sees beauty and cool new uses for non-traditional goods that might be overlooked by your average designer. Recycled and re-purposed, we transform them into decor that provides an eclectic and beautiful style. We’re brilliant at mixing old with new, rustic with modern, and traditional with anything you want! This unique mix is what makes our collection stand out and will bring an authentic, personal charm to your home, office, or event.


Field & Gown is a zero-waste company, meaning that we send virtually no waste to the landfill.  We purchase in bulk, unpackaged and from suppliers that help us honor this pledge. We try to be transparent about the challenges encountered in this way of doing business. When our inventory breaks or is cycled out of use, we often post on our blog about how we manage this waste. 

As part of our environmental pledge, we seek to minimize plastics in our shipping as well as our inventory, opting instead for paper-wrapped goods and paper tape. Your purchases may come shipped in an eclectic mix of boxes, some of which we’ve even recovered from other companies as part of our attempt to reuse and recycle before purchasing new.




Field & Gown was founded and is run by a dynamic mother/daughter duo.

Judy Caplan is an ex-hippie-turned-yuppie nutritionist with a flair for interior design and a reputation for finding the coolest pieces “on the side of the road.” She is a creative visionary, famous among friends for setting beautiful and unique tables for holiday parties and other events.

Anna Pollock has traveled the world working to improve the health and well-being of humans and our planet, while cultivating a passion for waste reduction and zero waste living. Fueled by coffee and grounded by yoga, she keeps the day-to-day operations of Field & Gown running without a hitch!

Field & Gown is a space of intense mother-daughter debate on everything from the infinitesimal to the extreme, a place where material scraps become the base for gorgeous designs, and an atmosphere that promotes out-of-the-box thinking and aims to challenge every long-held belief about running a small business.