OUR story

I wish there had been a one-stop-shop where I could choose from an inventory of vibe-creating elements.

I wanted my wedding to be perfect: a picturesque outdoor setting (on our family farm), on a beautiful day, with simple but unique touches, equal parts vintage and hip. 

I wanted it to feel completely organic - matching in an unmatched sort of way. I spent the months leading up to my wedding scouring antique shops and flea markets for the perfect finds. The boxes of stuff practically took over my living room!

My wedding was beautiful but I have to admit it was an overwhelming amount of work and quite a bit pricier than I had orginally imagined. Looking back, I wish there had been a one-stop-shop where I could choose from an inventory of vibe-creating elements; a selection that would make my wedding unique but without having to invest so much time and energy. Even better if I could rent those elements so I would not have to store or resell them after the wedding.

And so...field & gown was born. A rentable and deliverable collection of cool and quirky things to make your wedding incredible.

Our Philosophy

field & gown is designed to provide eco-conscious brides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding decor.  

In today's social media crazed environment, it is understandable that brides want their weddings to be as photo-worthy as the next. Unfortunately the pressure and desire to create "your look" often overshadow considerations about responsible consumption. Cheaper vibe-creating elements purchased from big box stores are often irresponsibly produced and ultimately destined for the landfill.

At field & gown we source our rentables from local antique stores and flea markets, repurposing items that have had other uses for decades, extending their lifecycle and diverting them from the landfill.

As part of our environmental pledge, we seek to minimize plastics in our shipping, opting instead for paper-wrapped goods and paper tape. Your goods may come shipped in an eclectic mix of boxes, even some which we've recovered from other companies, as part of our attempt to reuse and recycle goods otherwise destined for the trash heap or recycle bin.