Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order amount?

Our minimum order is $250.00.

Can I choose the individual bottles and buckets?

Smaller items like bottles and votives come in packages of 10 or 25. We provide a curated mixture that is interesting and works together. We cannot guarantee special requests. The same is true for rusted buckets which come in packages of five.

For bigger or more unique items, such as baskets, specialty boxes, signs, and crates, you choose and order the specific items that you want.

How do I know how many of each item I need for each table?

We estimate five bottles of varying sizes on each table to create a centerpiece with visual impact. When filled with flowers, the arrangement takes up just the right amount of space, allowing your guests to see over the flowers, enabling conversation and interaction. Remember, china, glassware, cutlery, and meal accompaniments all take up table space. If room allows, you can consider adding votives, petals, stones, or strands of garland to your tables. 

Rusted buckets, wooden boxes and crates are statement pieces and work as indivdual centerpieces on any table when filled with flowers or potted plants. They also create a simple, rustic charm on the welcome table, buffet or dessert tables, or in restrooms. 

If you want more guidance, consider ordering our specialty packages which take the thought out of tablescaping - they come with each item numbered so you know which go together on each table.

Which areas do you suggest I consider for enhancements?

  • Welcome table and entrance area

  • Wedding canopy and ceremony area

  • Bar

  • Bridal party table and/or sweetheart table

  • Guest tables

  • Buffet tables

  • Dessert table 

  • Stage areas

  • Restrooms

Make your ceremony area extra special. Rusted buckets and/or tree stumps can be used to line the wedding aisle (we estimate 15-20). Give life to your party by strategically placing baskets filled with items that match your theme.

Use our unique signage to guide your guests through the flow of your event; create a photo corner with our barn door photo booth to capture candid moments. Our large items make a statement wherever you place them.

Do you offer all items individually?

Any item can be ordered individually. Certain items can also be ordered as part of a specialty package.

Should I order a specialty package instead of individual items?

Our specialty packages take the guesswork out of planing and ordering. We know you have a vision in mind but creating that vision is often harder and more expensive than you think.

In order to spare you the enormous amount of time, energy, and angst it takes to pull a look together, we have created specialty packages that are beautiful and can be used in any setting. Specialty packages are designed for 50 guests and can be ordered in multiples for larger events. When ordering repeat packages, we adjust the price reduce the amounts of redundant items.

Specialty packages include:

The goods in your package will come labeled by table number to make tablescaping easy.  Use our suggestions or rearrange the items to create a look you prefer.

Who will choose the flowers for my bottles, vases, wooden boxes, and crates?

You can easily choose the flowers yourself by visiting any wholesale or retail florist, or rely on your party or venue planner to make those choices. Potted flowers like impatiens, gerber daisies, or even greens like hostas or ferns, which are available at local nurseries (buy local!) or big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, look fantastic placed in antique wooden boxes or crates and are a beautiful, inexpensive way to create color and festivity. Pinterest and Instagram have unlimited photos to spark your creativity too.

Many of our bottles have narrow openings and therefore require fewer flowers than traditional centerpieces. Whether you pick big blossomed flowers like hydrangeas or daintier flowers like daisies or Queen Ann's Lace, our bottles can create a multitude of looks.

What about table clothes and glassware?

We do not rent traditional table cloths. We rent bright, handwoven cloths which add color and texture. Our textiles are one-of-a-kind fabrics, irregular in size and varying in patterns. They are for impact rather than traditional table cloth coverage. Our table cloths come from weaving cooperatives in Guatemala. We support women-owned businesses and ensure that the businesses we support pay fair wages to the weavers for their craft.

We do not rent traditional glassware. Our rentable glassware is multipurpose. Mason jars can be used for beverages. as vases, or to serve soups or desserts.

Can I do this myself?

Absolutely! Remember this is your wedding and there is no right way to do it...only the way that feels right to you. Younger brides and grooms are opting less and less for "cookie cutter" wedding decor. They want their weddings to express their tastes and beliefs. We make this possible by curating and then renting vintage and cool items, items that will not end up in an already over-stuffed closet or in the local landfill. 

We believe our collectibles absorb the happiness and exuberance from all of the events they attend and then emit that same happy energy wherever they go again and again. Our clients say they ensure great "wedding karma!"