Mail Order Rentals are LIVE!

Something really exciting happened this past week ya’ll!!  Our mail order shipments went LIVE!  Building out the e-commerce store on our website is something we’ve been working on (and working on, and working on!) for what feels like forever.  And we’re still working on it and improving it.  But the current version is finally up and running and it’s never been easier to browse our collection and order your rentals online.


This week we shipped our first package of rentals to Richmond.  It wasn’t far and it wasn’t much, but it was a first test to make sure our mail order model works, and it does!

Laura ordered a gold cake stand with some hanging charms (which came to us from Falling Creek Barrel Co.) for her dessert table, which is perfect because, unless you’re a cake decorator, who wants to own a 10x10x10 fancy gold cake stand? I most definitely do not have space in my kitchen cabinets for that! 

We shipped the cake stand to Laura via FedEx in the perfect-size Thrive Market box. We always use FedEx or UPS because they guarantee a delivery date – we are taking no chances here! Your wedding decor is guaranteed to arrive ON TIME!


Part of our environmental pledge includes reducing consumption of new products as much as possible, which sometimes means looking around for items that have value and can be used again.  The Thrive Market box was in my neighbor’s recycle bin, but was the perfect size for the cake stand and a bit of packaging. So – voila! – we wrapped the cake stand in last weekend’s Washington Post, slipped it in the box and sent it on its way.  We’re looking forward to receiving it back next week filled with good vibes from the wedding it attended!


Some tips for those of you thinking about ordering rentals online:

·         Choose an arrival date a few days before your big event to not be stressing about its arrival at the last minute.  Our rental period is 4 days, so you can receive your items on Thursday and ship ‘em back on Monday, no problem!

·         Think about where is most convenient to have your items shipped – to your home so it’s in your hands? Or directly to the venue where your planner/venue manager can scoop it up and have it ready?  Ship directly to where is most convenient for you!

·         If you’re uncertain about the look/size/weight/color/feel of an item, reach out!! We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your rentals and are happy to send you extra photos and/or video to make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase!





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Anna Pollock is co-founder of Field & Gown, Executive Producer of the documentary film Disposable Addiction, and a public health professional. An environmentalista to the core, she lives a zero waste lifestyle and brings those principles to the core of the business.  Field & Gown is a wedding and event decor rental company based in the Washington DC area. 

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